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Modernized approach to giving enables a single donation to reach multiple registered charities aligned with a common cause

TORONTO – September 15, 2020 – CanadaHelps, one of the largest platforms in Canada for donating and fundraising online, today announced new Cause Funds. This new and innovative way to give enables donors to make an impact for a cause they care about by making a single donation in support of a group of charities focused on the same cause. Donations made to a particular Cause Fund are pooled and then distributed equally among the registered charities in the Fund. Cause Funds democratize support for the charitable sector by easily connecting Canadian donors to the causes they are passionate about while supporting charities of all sizes.

“We introduced Cause Funds in response to evolving trends in charitable giving, including an overall decline in charitable donations. Demographic patterns are shifting, and we know that younger generations are more likely to support a specific cause than form relationships with individual charities. Canadians are also looking for an easier way to give to a cause close to their heart and simultaneously support multiple charities focused on a particular cause,” said Marina Glogovac, President and CEO of CanadaHelps. “Now more than ever, Canadians also want transparency to ensure they can trust that their donations are going to the right organizations and advancing the causes that are important to them. At the same time, charities of all sizes need to receive critical funding to continue to be able to deliver on their missions. Our Cause Funds serve both of these needs while setting a new bar for charitable giving.”

Research shows that the charitable sector in Canada, and around the world, is currently experiencing a crisis. Donations are declining, and younger donors are not engaging in charitable giving in the same way older generations have. Cause Funds aims to reverse these trends by providing a modernized way to connect donors and charities around the causes they care about, while ensuring that critical funding reaches the Canadian charities that need it. Cause Funds also provide greater transparency, authenticity, and trust throughout the giving process by ensuring that only registered Canadian charities receive donated funds. Donations made to Cause Funds are sent directly to eligible charities, and tax receipts are automatically issued to donors.

The following Cause Funds are some of the new Funds offered by CanadaHelps:

  • Housing for All in Alberta – Alberta is in the midst of a housing crisis, with more than 2,900 people in Calgary and 1,900 people in Edmonton experiencing homelessness. This Fund includes more than 50 registered charities that are leading efforts to end homelessness in Alberta, and donations will support emergency shelters, transitional housing, affordable housing initiatives, and contribute to long-term solutions, advocacy efforts, and other support services for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Housing for All in Vancouver – The skyrocketing cost of rent, job loss, and social issues have created a homelessness crisis in Vancouver. Of more than 2,100 Canadians experiencing homelessness in the city, 40% of Vancouver’s homeless population identify as Indigenous, and 49% are facing chronic homelessness. This Fund includes over 30 registered charities that are leading efforts to end homelessness in Vancouver, including emergency shelters, transitional housing, affordable housing for seniors, women’s shelters, shelters supporting youth, and more.
  • Literacy for All Fund – In Canada, 17% of adults between 16 to 65 years of age struggle with low levels of literacy. This Fund includes over 270 registered charities that are improving literacy rates across Canada, and includes libraries; literacy programs supporting adults, children, and newcomers; and writing programs to improve reading and writing skills.
  • Life with Alzheimer’s Fund – Across Canada, there are more than 747,000 people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Donations to this Fund will reach more than 70 registered charities that provide support services and assistance to affected Canadians and their families as they care for their loved ones, or support critical research to find new treatments to improve quality of life, or to help discover a cure.
  • Removing Barriers for People with Visual Impairments Fund – An estimated 1.5 million Canadians live with vision loss and 5.5 million more Canadians live with a condition which could cause loss of vision. Donations to this Fund will reach more than 30 registered charities helping people living with blindness access critical support services including access to braille resources, guide dogs, and more; or support research to help prevent vision loss and provide treatment for those in need.
  • Autism Community Support Fund – Approximately 1 in 66 children in Canada between the ages of 5 and 17 are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and face challenges associated with social interaction, speech and nonverbal communication, or restrictive or repetitive behaviours. This Fund includes over 90 registered charities that are supporting and improving the quality of life for Canadians on the autism spectrum and their families.
  • End Hunger Fund – 1 in 8 households in Canada are food insecure and struggling to put food on the table. The End Hunger Fund supports more than 400 Canadian charities directly providing food to those in need or addressing the underlying issues of food security and sustainability.
  • Protect the Environment Fund – Less than 11 percent of Canada’s plastics get recycled; the rest end up in our lakes, parks, landfills, and oceans, destroying ecosystems and leaching toxic chemicals. This Fund supports more than 530 Canadian charities working to ensure the health of our planet by protecting our water, air, and natural habitats.
  • Stand Up for Mental Health Fund – An estimated 1 in 5 Canadians will struggle with mental health this year. This Fund will help more than 470 Canadian charities providing critical services such as crisis support, counselling, education, and other types of treatment and professional support services.

An Effective New Model for Engaging Donors

Cause Funds by CanadaHelps are already proving to be an effective new model for engaging donors. The COVID-19 Healthcare and Hospital Response Fund, COVID-19 Community Care Fund, and the Black Solidarity Fund have already raised millions to support charities across Canada. The two COVID-19 Funds were matched by the Gore Mutual Foundation for $1 million each; the Black Solidarity Fund was matched by P&G Canada for $1 million.

CanadaHelps has introduced 29 Cause Funds to date, and plans to launch new Funds on an ongoing basis to address emerging crises and current events – with each falling under one of four categories: General Cause Funds, Community Support Funds, Curated Cause Funds, and Local Funds.

About CanadaHelps

Founded in 2000, CanadaHelps is a registered charity dedicated to increasing charitable giving across Canada. The organization develops effective and affordable fundraising technology and provides free training and education so that regardless of size, all charities have the capacity to increase their impact and succeed in the digital age. For Canadians,, provides a safe and trusted one stop destination for making donations, fundraising, or learning about any charity in Canada. Over 2.6 million Canadians have donated over $1.4 billion to charities using CanadaHelps. For additional information, visit or connect with CanadaHelps on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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