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The Protect the Environment Fund is another crucial Cause Fund that focuses on protecting the environment and its ecosystems. This fund includes over 530 registered charities dedicated to protecting the environment and ensuring our ecosystems remain healthy.

The Land and Food Justice Fund supports leading organizations that improve land access and promote ecological food systems. This fund includes more than 40 charities from across Canada that are substantially focused on land access, ecological food systems, and food justice. By supporting this fund, donors are contributing to creating sustainable food systems and ensuring equitable access to land.

Since launching Cause Funds, Unite for Change has raised more than $7 million in support of the current funds available, with over 6,300 charities receiving donations so far. This success showcases the impact that Canadians can make when they come together to support a cause they believe in.

Unite for Change not only allows Canadians to donate to Cause Funds, but it also provides educational content on various causes. Visitors to the website can learn more about healthclimate changeanti-racism, and other critical causes. This educational content enables Canadians to learn more about different causes, the impact of their donations, and how they can make a difference.

Unite for Change is a new and innovative platform that enables Canadians to make a meaningful impact on the world. The environment Cause Funds are just one example of how Unite for Change is helping to make a difference. By donating to one of the Cause Funds, Canadians are supporting groups of charities that are driving change across the world to make our world a better place. With the power of Unite for Change, Canadians can work together toward a better future for all.

In celebration of Earth Day, Unite for Change will donate $5 to support the Fight Climate Change with Policy Fund for every person who completes it’s climate change quiz and signs up to receive emails from Unite for Change until April 22nd, 2023. Take the quiz today!

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