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’Tis the season of giving. Here are 14 Canadian non-profits that need your help.

Canadians are a generous lot. In 2020, we gave more than $10 billion in charitable donations, according to research by CanadaHelps, a fundraising platform that connects individual charities with prospective donors. At the same time, the number of people who depend on charitable services has only grown during the pandemic.

How to Choose a Charity to Support

The following list covers charities making a difference in urgent and innovative ways. Most also come with a seal of approval from CanadaHelps or Charity Intelligence Canada, an organization that spots the “top impact” groups—so you can feel confident your donation will make a difference where it matters most.

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Fund

If you’re drawn to an issue, such as supporting First Nations communities, but you can’t narrow down your choices to an individual charity, CanadaHelps recommends more than 200 options in the First Nations category and 300 options in the Indigenous Peoples category. You may also choose to donate to the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Fund, the proceeds of which are distributed between more than 40 Indigenous-led charities across the country, all of which were selected in consultation with an Indigenous adviser.

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