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Insauga highlights the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund on Unite for Change

Nationwide, Canada is doing well — donations through CanadaHelps’ online giving channels totalled $307 million, representing a eight per cent year-over-year increase so far this year (tallied to Nov. 29).

Notable trends include donations to ongoing crisis relief in the Ukraine. In approximately the first 40 days of the war, $18.7 million was raised in support of relief efforts for Ukraine on CanadaHelps and through the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund on Unite for Change, which is powered by CanadaHelps.

Unfortunately, donations related to emergency relief in Ukraine have declined from April through September, with $6.7 million raised during this period.

The report card also notes a return to in-person events and galas with a 16 per cent increase in the number of events launched by charities on CanadaHelps.

read the full article on Insauga here

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