Help make Winnipeg a better place

As a city that’s part of Winnie the Pooh’s origin story, there’s much to love about Winnipeg. But from healthcare inaccessibility to issues involving racism towards people of colour and Indigeneous Peoples there is an urgent need for change and action.

It can be difficult to only choose one cause to support. This is especially true when your community is experiencing many issues and challenges. With Unite for Change’s Winnipeg Fund you don’t have to choose only one cause. With this Fund you can make an impact in many areas and address a wide range of problems facing your city.

A new way to support the Peg

We want the best for Winnipeg. In order to build a strong and vibrant community, your support is needed.

The Winnipeg Fund includes hundreds of small and medium-sized local charities that offer a variety of programs and services in various areas. This includes essential social services, advocacy initiatives, senior care homes, hospitals and healthcare, and much more.

Make a difference in Winnipeg

Donate to the Winnipeg Fund today. You will help improve the lives of many and go towards thousands of programs. This means increased access to healthcare, affordable housing services, social justice initiatives and so much more.

Together we can make positive change in the city we call home.

ABOUT the Winnipeg Fund

The Winnipeg Fund includes 254 local charities who are working to create a better city for all. The Fund is an aggregate fund that includes hundreds of small and medium-sized charities.

Winnipeg Fund

The chart above shows the primary category associated with charities included in the fund, although many charities are associated with more than one category. To see the list of charities included in this Fund, you can view the list here.

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Your work makes a positive impact in our communities and that’s why I’m honoured to offer you this gift to help you continue your mission. This gift is made available by my employer, Canada Life, in recognition of my volunteerism in the community.

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