On average, 11 people die by suicide each day.1 We are facing a mental health crisis.

One in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness and 70% of mental health problems arise during childhood or adolescence.2 With the onset of COVID-19, the mental health landscape has worsened. After six months of the pandemic, 1 in 10 Canadians reported recent thoughts or feelings of suicide and 40% of Canadians who reported a decline in their mental health.3

Many are struggling in silence due to the stigma surrounding mental illness. Others have no place to turn. Join us and ensure no one ever struggles alone.

Ending stigma. Increasing access to care.

In response to the crisis, Canadian charities are working tirelessly to de-stigmatize mental health and provide critical services. These services offer advocacy efforts, crisis support, counselling, education, and other types of treatment and professional support services. 

As charities continue to save lives and create change, they look to us for support. To continue their work, they need our help.

Become a mental health champion

Donate to the Support Mental Health Fund today. Your gift can help a family treat a child struggling with severe anxiety, provide crisis intervention for someone considering suicide, help a trauma survivor overcome their experience, and much more.

Your gift can save a life.  Now is the time to become a mental health champion!


The  Support Mental Health Fund includes more than 470 registered charities supporting mental health and fighting mental illness. The charities in this Fund are selected through an algorithmic approach, taking their stated focus, mission, and description into account. The list of charities included in this Fund is updated regularly, you can view the latest list here.

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Let’s hope the people who suffers from Illnesses are all healthy. Nobody deserves to be sick or becoming sick. We all have to be positive in every way . Let’s defeat illness and look ahead for a brighter future. To all the suffering people, let’s hope for a brighter future ahead of us.

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