Our actions are destroying our planet. Take action now before it’s too late.

Less than 11 percent of Canada’s plastics get recycled. The rest end up in our lakes, parks, landfills, and oceans, destroying ecosystems and leaching toxic chemicals. If we don’t start protecting our planet we will jeopardize our future.

Funding conservation initiatives

To ensure the survival of our environment, charities across the country are funding work that nurture the health, diversity, and sustainability of our environment through initiatives aimed at preserving and conserving our parks and forests. This includes natural parks, trails, and watersheds, forest conservancies, wildlife societies, and much more.

Without your help, they won’t be able to safeguard our planet.


We only have one earth. It’s up to us to save it and ensure its sustainability for future generations. Donate to the Protect the Environment Fund today. Your gift will help save our water, air, and natural habitats.


The Protect the Environment Fund includes over 530 registered charities.  The charities in this Fund are selected through an algorithmic approach, taking the charity’s area of focus, mission, and description into account. To see the latest list of charities included in this Fund, please download the list here.

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