Alzheimer’s: Devastating for both those who live with Alzheimer’s and their loved ones

Alzheimer’s is a life-altering disease. Across Canada there are more than 747,000 people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.1 With no known cure and irreversible effects, the diagnosis can be heartbreaking for everyone involved. 

Compassionate assistive services and research are critical to maintain quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Advancing research and funding care

Many organizations continue their research to find a cure and new treatments to improve quality of life. And others are providing much-needed support for families during this difficult time. Work is also being done to raise awareness about the signs of Alzheimer’s. This ensures people know where to go for help and are able to catch it in the early stages. 

Your help is needed to continue important research and ensure much-needed support is available to those who need it.

Improve quality of life

Donate to the Life with Alzheimer’s Fund today to help achieve wide-reaching effects in the lives of Canadians living with Alzheimer’s disease. Your generous gift will increase access to critical services and programs. You will also help scientists get one step closer to finding the cure – beating this devastating disease once and for all.

About the Life With Alzheimer’s Fund

The Life with Alzheimer’s Fund includes more than 70 registered Canadian charities. The charities in this Fund are selected through an algorithmic approach, taking the charity’s area of focus, mission, and description into account. To see the latest list of charities included in this Fund, you can view the list here.

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