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Michael Bernstein


Earth’s temperature is the hottest it’s ever been in over 2,000 years.
In Lytton, British Columbia, the temperature reached 49.6°C in 2021. One day later, 90 per cent of the village was lost to wildfires. This is one of the many effects of climate change.

If we continue to pollute our planet we’ll risk droughts that can create food shortages, our water quality will get worse and affect our health, and more species will become endangered or extinct.

Climate change is not a distant problem. It’s here and we have to do better.


Individual actions can help, but they’re not enough. In order to fight this crisis we need systems change. We need governments at all levels to implement policies that reduce greenhouse gases. Policies like carbon pricing that incentivize us to use cleaner fuels and be more efficient. Or, regulations and subsidies that support low-carbon technology like electric vehicles and heat pumps for buildings. All of these policies will help individuals and businesses shift from polluting activities to climate-friendly alternatives.

Organizations across the country are advocating for these policies. They are fighting for our planet and our future. In the past few years we’ve seen encouraging policy changes. But there’s still a long way to go. We need your help.

It’s encouraging that many people are starting to change their habits whether that’s choosing to recycle, have zero-waste meals, and carpool. But, in order for us to really end the climate crisis, our whole energy system needs to change. This can only be done through policy. By donating to the Fight Climate Change with Policy Fund, you’re making the decision to be part of the solution that will address climate change and create a better, cleaner world for all.

—Michael Bernstein


When we think about the climate crisis, it’s easy to feel powerless. But you’re not. A better world is possible. By donating to the Fight Climate Change with Policy Fund, you’re doing your part to address this crisis. You are making sure policy changes continue to happen. You are building a cleaner, healthier world.

Donate today and join the fight against climate change.


The Fight Climate Change with Policy Fund includes  eight organizations from across Canada that focus on advocacy to create policy change. These organizations use a collaborative approach within and outside the environment and climate change sector to make a positive impact at the provincial and federal level. To see the current list of charities included in this Fund, click here.

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It is time for all of us to realize that Climate change is not only a problem for us, it is a problem for the future of our world. It matters alot. We should all do our very best or at least try our best to preserve and eliminate all the emission to make the world beautiful again.