1 in 7 Canadian households struggle to put food on the table.1

Simply put, food insecurity refers to the lack of access to nutritious food. This can also lead to the inability to meet basic needs. 

Food insecurity is a serious problem in Canada. In fact, 1 in 6 children risk going hungry. This means many children go to school hungry, without any snacks or lunch in their backpacks. With higher rates of unemployment due to COVID-19, the issue has surged.

  • 1 in 5 children go to school on an empty stomach.2
  • 2 hours a day of productivity is loss when students go to school hungry.3
  • 3.56X more likely for Black Canadian households to be food insecure than white households.4
  • 70% of Nunavut’s population live in food insecurity.5

Increasing access for all

The key to ending food insecurity in Canada is increasing access to nutritious food and addressing the underlying issues of food insecurity. 

Leading the charge are charities across the country with initiatives like breakfast programs, food banks, and community gardens. Hundreds of charities are working towards a collective goal: food security for all.

Increase access and sustainability

Donate to the End Hunger Fund today! Your gift will go towards food banks, student breakfast programs, community kitchens and gardens, and much more. Together, we can help ensure Canadians never have to worry where their next meal is coming from or how they’ll put food on the table for their children. 

Make a difference in the lives of millions of Canadians. Donate and support food access, security, and sustainability initiatives!


The End Hunger Fund includes more than 400 registered charities. The charities in this Fund are selected through an algorithmic approach, taking the charity’s area of focus, mission, and description into account. We regularly update the list of charities in this Fund, you can view the updated list here.

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