54% have experienced discrimination.2

Canada has a painful history that includes racism, discrimination, and unequal access affecting many ethnic groups, including Black Canadians. Nearly half of Canadians believe discrimination against black people is no longer a problem1, but research tells a different story.


the rate at which Black elementary students are suspended compared to their non-Black peers.3


more likely for a Black person in Toronto to be shot and killed by police than a white person.4


more likely for Black Canadians to face food insecurity.5

Supporting the advancement of black canadians

To drive positive change and combat anti-black racism, we must support the advancement of Black Canadians.

Paving the way are charities that provide critical programs that advance social services, economic opportunities, mental health supports, advocacy efforts, and access to education for Black Canadians. Plus, many of these charities are preserving and celebrating Black art, heritage, and culture and their immense contribution to Canada.

Black Solidarity Fund - quote-purple

I’ve felt crippled with exhaustion meditating on how I could contribute to the change I want to see in the world. I’ve realized that this starts in our own backyards; through dialogue, compassion, and support.
This fund gives us the opportunity to support the Black community in all facets and I believe that’s exactly where we need to start not only for short-term but also for long-term change.

—Afeworki G.

Stand in solidarity with the black community

Now is the time to stand with the Black community by donating to the Black Solidarity Fund. Support the crucial work that is being done to dismantle systemic racism and advance the lives of Black Canadians. You can create change today!

ABOUT the black solidarity fund

The Black Solidarity Fund includes more than 70 charities supporting Black Canadians. To see the latest list of charities included in the fund, please view the list here.

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