Racist hate crimes nearly doubled in just one year.
Racism in Canada exists.

Racism in Canada is both overt and subtle, and is ingrained within institutions like schools, workplaces, and government.

  • Hate crimes against Asian Canadians have risen 97% in Vancouver.1
  • Indigenous Peoples are the most overrepresented population in Canadian prisons.2
  • Black Torontonians are 20 times more likely to be shot by police than white residents.3
  • More than half of students who identify as visible minorities report being the victim of racist taunts.4

It’s time to unite. It’s time to end racism.

Funding anti-racism projects at all levels

Initiatives tackling racism at an institutional, interpersonal, and internal level is the way to tangible long-lasting change. Leading the way are Canadian charities focused on advocacy efforts, research, education, intersectionality, healthcare, community building and much more.

The work they are doing around the country is extraordinary but they need your support to continue their critical work.

Join the movement for change

By donating to the Anti-Racism Fund you are standing with people of colour and joining the battle to end racism. Your gift will go to charities across Canada that offer healing, promote inclusion, and advocate for concrete change.

Join the movement today. Together, we can end racism. 

ABOUT the Anti-Racism Fund

The Anti-Racism Fund includes more than 50 registered charities supporting anti-racism initiatives.

To see the latest list of charities included in the fund, please view the list here.

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