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Today we launch, a new site that fuels the collective work of many charities all addressing the same cause, including some of the most pressing causes of our time. Giving to these Cause Funds is an easy way to broaden your impact and contribute to change — plus, the site also provides opportunities to expand your knowledge of the issues and solutions charities are driving.

Canadians of all ages are passionate about creating positive change in the world — whether it be advancing social justice, tackling climate change, supporting mental health, protecting animals, supporting their local community, and so much more.

Younger people, in particular, often have a different relationship with charitable giving, so we’ve designed this site with a younger demographic in mind.

When I look at the young people in my life and in broader society, I’m inspired by the deep passion and conviction they hold for the causes important to them. I remember when I first heard Autumn Peltier, a young Indigenous advocate for clean water, speak at a ceremony — I was blown away by her thoughtfulness, bravery, and composure. This holds true for the many other young people who are standing up for what they believe in and what they care deeply about.

We see growing amounts of money going to crowdfunding where there is far less accountability and oversight around when the money is delivered and how the money is spent.

We believe strongly that the work charities do plays a critical role in creating systemic change and want to make giving to charities as easy as possible.

The funds on Unite for Change provide greater transparency, authenticity, and trust, ensuring only registered Canadian charities receive donated funds, which are split evenly amongst all the charities in the fund.

We currently offer more than 30 different Cause Funds, including the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Fund, the Animal Welfare Fund, the Protect the Environment Fund, the Support Mental Health Fund, the End Hunger Fund, and many more.

By providing this platform, I’m proud to be a part of enabling the change that young people, and Canadians of all ages, are making in the world. Unite for Change offers shareable content to read and watch, which will contribute to important discussions around our most pressing issues. But we don’t plan on stopping there — we aim to grow and create interactive activities that will lead to greater community engagement. I hope you’ll join us in this journey.

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